I am currently putting the finishing touches on my new novel, THE VOLUME OF WATER.

March, 1964: Mary Henderson was not born lucky. Brought by her earnest missionary parents to a remote island in Alaska to help convert the Natives, she was the only kid in the village to get polio. Sure, she recovered, mostly, but she will never be anything like those girls in her hand-me-down Seventeen magazines. At fifteen, she’s awkward and shy, and her only friends are the strangers she listens to on her HAM radio every night. Born with a slight speech impediment, she’s never actually worked up the courage to talk to any of them. So how in the world is she supposed to handle her feelings for Noah, who is seventeen, an Aleut, and absolutely off limits?

On nearby Kodiak Island, 24-year-old bombshell Nadine has seen and done it all. She’s just a girl who can’t say no … to dessert. She may have been born beautiful, but her luck ended there. Left behind by a guy whose idea of forever proved shorter than the summer salmon run, Nadine serves whiskey to the men from the docks, sucking in her stomach and waiting for another Prince Charming to sail in on the tide. Unfortunately, the good ones are all married, and the “nice” ones turn out to be anything but.

Then a massive earthquake hits Alaska, and giant waves follow – destroying homes, canneries, entire villages in minutes. For Mary, Nadine, and other lost souls, things go from bad to as bad as it gets. But maybe, when there’s nothing left to lose, a person can make their own luck. With the status quo in upheaval, anyone can now be anything they want … if they can just get past what they’ve always been.

I’ve set up a Pinterest board with items pertaining my new book which can be found here, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve even located actual footage of the quake!


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